About Us

Danny working in West Point shop.I have over forty years of experience in carpet and marine carpet manufacturing. My career began at a company in Dalton, Georgia, that developed the first coatings for marine carpet. Later I worked for twenty years at a company which manufactured and coated carpet. Marine and indoor/outdoor carpet was a big part of the business. We pioneered both coatings and techniques that are still in use today. For the last ten years, I worked with a company that manufactures boat carpet and all-weather carpet for indoor/outdoor use and now makes carpet to our specifications. My wife and I relocated to West Point, Mississippi in 2012 to be closer to our family and to open a manufacturing and distribution center. The facility is now up and running. We make carpeted bunk boards, both standard sizes and custom configurations, in pressure treated southern pine and cypress. All of our products are made in America.
Danny Foote